David A. Sutherland

Associate Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Oregon

1272 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403
Office: +1 (541) 346-8753

Campus Address: 204 Volcanology
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Dave is a physical oceanographer who uses observations and numerical models to explore coastal and estuarine systems. In particular, he is focused on the dynamics of glacial fjords (e.g., SE Alaska, Greenland, Antarctic Peninsula) and Pacific Northwest estuaries (e.g., Coos Bay, Puget Sound) and how humans interact with these environments (he is core faculty with the Environmental Studies Program). He has received numerous grants from the National Science Foundation, including a CAREER award, NASA, Oregon Sea Grant, and NOAA.

Dave is originally from Cary, NC, and has lived along most of the coastlines of the US, from the Southeast and Northeast, to the LA area, Hawaii, and now the PNW. He loves all things ocean, particularly when he can dive in himself, and is pushing for more marine science at UO. In another life, he would be a dolphin.