Marine Science

University of Oregon

Departments and Faculty


  • Bill Cresko: ecological & evolutionary genetics
  • Paul Cziko: Antarctic fish ecology, diving
  • Richard Emlet: invertebrates, larvae, biomechanics
  • Aaron Galloway: ecologist, fatty acid biomarkers
  • Jan Hodder: marine birds & mammals, undergraduate education
  • Svetlana Maslakova: evolution of larval development
  • Alan Shanks: biological oceanography, larval dispersal
  • Kelly Sutherland: zooplankton, biomechanics
  • Michelle Wood: phytoplankton, optical oceanography
  • Craig Young: invertebrates, larval biology


Earth Sciences

  • Emilie Hooft: marine geophysics, hotspots, ridges
  • Leif Karlstrom: all things fluid
  • Diego Melgar: earthquakes, tsunami modeling
  • Josh Roering: geomorphology, river mechanics
  • Valerie Sahakian: active seismics, earthquakes
  • Dave Sutherland: coastal oceanography, ice-ocean
  • Doug Toomey: marine seismology, Cascadia
  • Ray Weldon: neotectonics and sea level rise


  • Pat Bartlein: climatology, data analysis and visualization
  • Mark Fonstad: hydrology, remote sensing technology
  • Pat McDowell: geomorphology, hydrology
  • Dan Gavin: biogeography, sediment core analysis

School of Law

  • Richard Hildreth: ocean and coastal law


  • Greg Bothun: climate change, sustainable energy
  • Dean Livelybrooks: geophysics, undergrad education



For students wishing to major in a marine-science related field, there are:

And many marine-related courses offered in the Natural Science Departments at UO. 


Look at the list of faculty above for research interests that fit your own. Many of the departments have MS and PhD programs that would allow graduate-level research in marine science. Additionally, for students interested in the human impacts, check out the ENVS ESSP program

Other resources


  • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB)
  • Oregon State Physical Oceanography (CEOAS, OSU)
  • South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (SSNERR
  • Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC)
  • Marine Reserves in Oregon (ODFW website)