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Ice/Ocean Interactions

How does the ocean affect glaciers and ice sheets? And, vice versa, how do glaciers and ice sheets affect the ocean? We explore those fundamental questions at various time and space scales with a focus on understanding the processes that underpin ocean/ice coupling. 

Ocean Observations

We have collected hydrography and ADCP data via ship, as well as time series data of water properties and water velocity from subsurface moorings. These data will be made available ASAP for Sermilik Fjord and Kangerlugssuaq Fjord in SE Greenland, and Rink Isbrae and KS Fjord in west Greenland. 

Numerical Simulations

We use idealized numerical simulations, informed by observations, to study the dynamics of tidewater glacier fjords. In particular, we commonly use the MITgcm with several ice modules active. Depending on the research question, we run our simulations at various resolutions, focusing on fjord-scale circulation down to the rising convective subglacial discharge plume. 

Multibeam Sonar

We have collected imagery of the underwater portions of tidewater glacier termini and icebergs. This is the literal ice/ocean boundary and imaging its shape and evolution is leading to exciting new knowledge. 

Funding and Collaborators

Funding for this work has come from NSF, NASA, and the University of Oregon. We have benefited from numerous collaborations with scientists from around the world. Some are listed here: